Thursday, 15 July 2010

BBQ II - The Sequel

BBQ II yesterday - and we are happy but knackered.
All because one friend who is back in Japan for a few weeks gave us conflicting dates for coming to we ended up with TWO of the things just 4 days apart.
But this time the weather was better. Only 8 people. Great food again. Lots of Japanese practice for me because I was the only gaijin-in-attendance - AND Okaasan was under control.

We fed her in the kitchen at 11.30 am. Then she went back to nest safely in front of the TV, borrowed some money mid-afternoon, came out onto the front doorstep and said "hello" to all the BBQ guests, went shopping, came home at 6.30 pm and ate the dinner her loving son prepared. Oyomesan was flat out on the sofa upstairs watching Animal Planet TV.
No sudden room cleaning.
No climbing out thru the living room windows.

But I reckon we all need a few days of regular life now.
I need food that isn't on a paper plate.
Yujiro needs a reduced-alcohol intake.
Okaasan needs fish/rice/soup on the table with the loving son and Oyomesan.


  1. If and when we ever get up to Hokkaido can we have two BBQs at your house four days apart too?? We are having our first of the season this Monday. Yum yum. Beef. Yum yum Beer. Sounds like okaasan has been really good lately. Long may it last. Have a good long weekend.

  2. YOU are very welcome!!!
    Bring Granny K and we can pop open the sake and let the two old ladies rip at it...