Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Evening walking..

Okaasan did it to Yujiro last night again.
Dinner was almost ready (albeit a tad earlier than usual because we were both home by 5 pm).
Anyway, we were both in the kitchen putting it all together. The salad was on the table, the chopsticks and Yujiro was heating the tofu thing, the rice, the soup.....
And Okaasan opened the door from her room to the kitchen and announced she was going for a walk. The door actually has big glass panels in it so she can see what is happening in the kitchen easily.
But didn't make any difference.

Off she set:"just going to the station and back."
BUT! This time Yujiro just went ahead and served dinner for the two of us. No: "Let's wait for her etc". I was a bit surprised, but of course ok with that. I haven't actually been home to have dinner with Okaasan for 5 nights in a row and one more night escaping that chorse is fine by me!
We ate our dinner. Washed up. Okaasan came home around 7 pm (with another small supermarket box to add to her room collection) and Yujiro served her food and we left her to eat alone.

Supermarket boxes. This started a few weeks ago. Okaasan got one and then another box from the supermarket and has them on the carpet in her room. Now there are three! I think this was spurred by an idea about collecting up newspapers for recycling. I went to her room to try and prise some newspapers away from her - and I had some newspapers in a box. I think she has remembered THAT and then brought the boxes into her room to do it herself.
But actually she has forgotten WHY she brought the boxes in. I tried to gently suggest taking them into the hall cupboard a few weeks back but Okaasan stopped me: "No! I brought them here specially, I'm going to use them for something. What was I going to use them for?".......

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