Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Good, the Bad...

Okaasan having a good spell - but the very fact that we notice it shows that "good" is unusual.

She did morning stretch exercises in her room yesterday. She wiped the dinner plates dry and set them on the table. She got all feisty with Yujiro about the Saitama house - "I want to sell it!"..."No, you said you were happy for older brother to live there from next year!"..."I said that? No, I think I should sell it...." etc etc

She's gone walking at 6.15 pm and we telephoned her to get her back to the dinner table on time, where eventually she has eaten some food.
Yesterday I even managed to lightheartedly remind her: "Don't eat McNuggets at McDonalds because dinner is in less than an hour...." and she actually came home having only drunk a coffee.
It's strange to be giving an adult these kind of reminders: like mothers who say to kids: "If you eat that now you won't have space for dinner later will you?"...but here we are doing the same with an adult.

England News: My step-mum has had low blood pressure and not great after her operation. She had a blood transfusion and everyone is waiting to see if the good effects of that will kick in. Waiting.
I have all my air miles from last year's flights and I am on the verge of booking a flight to a beach  for September or October. But I keep hanging on - in case Jane's condition worsens and I need to book the ticket to England instead and use the  air miles for an upgrade. Hoping NOT to go to England again this year....hoping to selfishly enjoy some "me" time on a beach with a book.

Older brother must have felt his ears burning because yesterday he called Yujiro and said his diabetes is now so bad he has had to quit work (aged 55) and will have an eye operation and move into the Saitama house this year.

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  1. ooh - book on a beach with a pina colada - you definitely deserve it. Hope the blood transfusion agrees with Jane and she gets well enough for you to not have to make a trip back there this year.