Monday, 19 July 2010

Okaasan Gets Her Groove On.

Okaasan is gettin' ready to groove.
A week early.

Sapporo City Jazz Festival has its big white tent in Odori Park this month and Okaasan noticed it when she went to one of her favorite coffee shops nearby.
She asked Yujiro to get her a ticket for July 25th.
We debated me going with her, but actually I have a ex-student lunch date and it's no problem because Okaasan knows exactly where the even is. She can go on her own.

She knows where.
She isn't too sure on the "when".

Yesterday morning she was very active, taking a bath, washing her hair etc
At lunchtime - Okaasan and Oyomesan sitting at the kitchen table together with the tofu-for-her and pizza-for-me lunch - we chatted about health and gardens and weather.
"But it's ok, because it's in a tent."
"What's in a tent?"
"The concert I am going to in Odori Park."
"Ahh!!! No,'s next Sunday...not today....look here is the ticket."

I have a feeling Okaasan may Go to the Jazz Concert every day until next Sunday...

Meanwhile we wait to see if Okaasan will go to hula dance class today.
Two weeks ago was the strange day when she went to the class, but didn't actually get to the class (as far as we and the friendly classmate know). Instead there was the strange story about the "that bully, so I didn't go".
One week ago it was raining heavily so it was: "that class isn't worth going to in the rain".
We wait to see what happens today.
Maybe she has taken against the class for some reason. It is almost certainly an imagined/misunderstood situation because Ohta-san thinks she didn't even appear at the class on the day she talked about the "bully".
Like the hairdresser, like the post office in Saitama, like the first hula dance class...Okaasan's dementia gives her misunderstood and negative feelings about someone.
So...wait to see....

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