Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Still ok...

No big meltdowns over "Who moved my stuff?"...yet.
Terrible weather on Monday, both mother and son (and cats) stayed home and slept. Only I went out to earn some yen.
I got home for an hour between classes at 5 pm as the torrential rain calmed to a steady pour...and 15 minutes later realized Okaasan had gone out....why oh why....later as I drove to work I saw her settling into her daily coffee and McNuggets thru the Macdonalds windows down on the mainroad. She is absolutely a creature of habit.

After my last class of the day we scooped up Okaasan from Macdonalds because our kind Couch Surfing guest wanted to celebrate her last night in Hokkaido by taking us all our for a kaiten sushi dinner at the local place. Very delicious and Okaasan happily munched her way thru and enjoyed offering plates of sushi to Mei-san first as the visitor.

And tonight Okaasan managed to get home by 7.30 pm and eat dinner with us.

Her sofa is still almost clear...just a few scattered clothes. I daren't look in the bedroom.

Crazy, wild things that we are - we having yet ANOTHER BBQ tomorrow - following a mix-up over dates with one guest....so we'll see if that gets Okaasan all fired up again...maybe she'll carrying the stuff back INTO the living room....

But at the moment. All is well.

Heard recently about the dementia-hit parents of two friends: one is now becoming violent with his live-in carer and peeing and shitting everywhere and the other lady is becoming increasingly violent to her single-coping daughter. So I appreciate this time with upset schedules, scattered clothes, eating misfires and lightly soiled underwear...because basically Okaasan is ok....a bit silent and non-communicative sometimes, but basically doing ok.

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