Sunday, 18 July 2010

This and That

Just a few reassuring days of work and food on real plates.

*  I cooked a Japanesey dinner and Okaasan came home late and missed my efforts.

*  We decided Okaasan would probably be ok left alone for 1 night in October when we go to the Adam Lambert concert in Tokyo...but Yujiro agreed with my gloomy statement:"so I guess this means you and I will not have more than 1 night away together ever...until Okaasan dies?"

*  I came home at 6.30 pm and found Okaasan hanging clothes in the garden. At 6.30 pm..."I haven't been out for a walk yet, so I'll go soon"...."Err, it's 6.30 pm, I'm about to start cooking dinner. It'll be ready at 7 pm". "It's 6.30 pm??? Now?"
In Japan hanging clothes out is absolutely a morning task...or at the very least early afternoon if the AM weather wasn't great. Only lazy/hungover foreigners who-don't-know-any-better hang laundry outside at dusk.....

*  We went out for dinner with our French Couch Surfers (left sushi for Okaasan on the kitchen table) and came home to find that the kittens had survived 4 hours on their own in the great outdoors. They were waiting for our return under the car in front of the house. The boys are growing up.

*  Okaasan happily chats on about the cats at the moment. She said one of them got into her room yesterday, but she is laughing and happy about it. Great! Animal therapy in action. weekend. I now have 2 days off for gardening and watching a lot of trashy TV...Dance Idol, Next Top Model, the final season of LOST...methinks doing my accounts on the computer will somehow get pushed back a bit...

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