Friday, 11 February 2011

72 people??? really?

My GOD. 
I just noticed that 72 people have apparently visited this blog today.
That is actually a little scary.
Are you all real people?
Or Nigerian Prince Spam Systems?
There are 22 people who have registered to "Follow" this blog.....but 72 people dropped by.
I wonder what keyword brought you all in?
Sapporo Snow Festival?


  1. Hi, I am one of those "random" readers who often drops by! I recently married a chounan and we're moving in with his elderly mother this weekend in Saitama. eek! She's lovely and so far, no alzheimers, but she has mobility issues. So, reading your blog is always scary yet reassuring. Loved the Snow Festival pix too - I went last year and I'd love to go again. Otaru also had a really beautiful display.

  2. Oh just married him and you are moving into his mother's home??? We at least had 10 years together as a couple before we moved her into OUR life...which I am sure is better for the dynamics of it all.
    I hope at least you are moving into an arrangement where you'll have doors that can be locked, or stairs that can't be climbed??

  3. I don't follow you.
    OK, so I more of stalk you but I don't 'follow' you as such.
    God, for ten years of married life without Granny K. That would have been nice.

    And Kirsty - I moved in with my MIL straight away too. If you want the link to my old blog let me know. Lots of um 'valuable???' information there.

    you can email me at gaijinwife at gmail dot com

  4. Yep, stairs that can't be climbed! haha. No really, err, I think it will be ok... she actually wants to move into a care facility so that she doesn't 'burden' me - I think she's nervous about living with an Aussie girl with crap Japanese skills. So we're looking for a suitable place, but Japan seems a bit behind the rest of the world when it comes to aged care.

  5. Hi! I am a long time lurker and very slack blogger. Love reading your blog and was very jealous of your movie outing. I love old movies!

  6. Hi I'm real. I lived in Japan for a year ages ago and like reading about what it's like to live there. I hope to be able to live there again someday.

  7. Well - 7 of you are real!!! I think the others are Nigerian Princes with Large Amounts of Money and Suitcases of Viagara....

    Kirtsy - you absolutely HAVE to start reading Gaijin Wife blog - she is the mama of all'll love her!!!!!

  8. I'm a real person too and I like your blog, even if i'm not great at leaving comments. But I always read.Mimi

  9. LOL, well I'm actually probably not the typical reader...I'm in my late 20s living in Los Angeles...No plans to live in Japan or anywhere else abroad, but your blog (randomly stumbled across it) somehow struck a chord with me and I've been visiting every couple days for about two months now. :) I love your blog and moreover, your perseverance & sense of humor in dealing with these serious issues!!!

  10. I'm real too, I visit pretty often although I haven't followed you (nor anyone else, I have only a vague idea of what that is). I found you from GW's blog.

    T in Tokyo

  11. Hi,
    I read your blog regulary.
    I have lived with mu inlaws for 36 years, they are 90 years old now. MIL is half paralyzed from a stroke 10 years ago but brain is working fine. FIL is healthy but getting more and more senile as the days go by...My husband haven't had a day off since march 2008 so it is basically me that help them even though I also work fulltime.It is good to read your blog and see that I'm not the only one that tries to get
    away....sometimes I lock my door and pretend I don't hear when FIL is knocking....meakes me feel awful but some days I can only take so much.

  12. Gosh. What a LOT of interesting people!
    I had no idea...I kind of thought most readers were my friends...some of my students...maybe people living with Japanese inlaws...
    I had NO idea.

    Thankyou all. It is so strange to have this blogging community out there somewhere.

    PS Anna -I hear you! Some days the only way to get along is to lock the door and forget what is happening the other side!