Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Keeping it light...

Haven't blogged.
Watching TV. Going back to work. Talking, talking, talking, listening, listening, listening.
Had 25 students yesterday. 10 people (more?) had family or friends in the quake area. 
FIVE people had no contact yet from loved ones.
I feel exhausted, talking and hearing about it.
People need to, want to talk. But still - as the teacher with different groups of people I felt wrung thru with it all.

And Okaasan.
We worried about her sitting looking at the TV images all day, every day.
Worried about her mood.
Sunday we took her out for lunch in a shopping center.
Monday she pleaded "chill" and stayed home with Yujiro.
Yesterday he took her downtown for a big trip out - they walked the new underground walk in Sapporo city center, bought a thin little scarf for Y22,000 (about $200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and food and magazines. She looked so happy when she came back. 
We can take a break from the TV and all the emotion - she doesn't naturally. She sleeps in front of the Tv and has it on all the time...she wakes and sleeps and wakes again ...and constantly there are images of death and disaster. And nuclear meltdown crises.
We feel stressed by it all. She must feel it more.

My older students in classes yesterday: not so confident at all in the Japanese government and their information about nuclear radiation. A lot of talk about 3 Mile Island.
My old newspaper called yesterday to interview me about it all. My step-aunt called. It's hard to think of the world beyond Japan at the moment. Everyone on the subways and in the shops looks tired. Downtown is quieter than normal.
I saw a young woman all dressed up in her graduation kimono, going to the ceremony with her mother. It was such a good, happy sight. I congratulated them.


To give us all a are happy memories of a silly, silly woman becoming 50 years old on Saturday night...

How's THAT for inappropriate behavior while thousands die and are homeless?
Life in Hokkaido is very strange at the moment.


  1. Life anywhere here is odd. I don't want to talk about it anymore, but can't seem to talk about anything else. Your birthday looks like a lot of fun, and I think embracing the fact that we still can do fun things with our loved ones is important.


    lucky thing.
    What a fabulous evening.

    Hope your students hear from their friends and family soon.

  3. It's not inappropriate. Life has to go on and it must. I think one of our residents is feeling it too. He's been kind of irritated lately and starts his "wanna go home" routine a lot earlier than usual and is easily agitated. Wonder if it's the change in seasons or the earthquakes or what...
    Such a romantic birthday... Glad everyone is well though.

  4. Congratulations on your birthday - wonderful pics! There's nothing inappropriate about your behaviour - you can't take the troubles of the world on your shoulders. Just because you're celebrating a milestone in your life with your friends, it doesn't mean you think any less (or less often) about the terrible tragedy happening to others. xxx