Thursday, 17 March 2011


Tired in Sapporo.
It is hard NOT to get worried about all of this.
Today had work questions about March 24.
Can't think forward to March 24th.
Seems so melodramatic, but still.
So glad Dad and Jane didn't live to have THIS worry about me.
My mother's brother has been in contact. My step-aunt too.
Trying to read all the information about radiation levels and reactors.
I am guessing we are safer up here in Hokkaido than many places further south.

People look tired.
I had 4 students in my morning class. Everyone stressed.
Got a new student - a student from Tokyo who was planning to take IELTS test in Tokyo. But it was cancelled. She's come back home to Sapporo to prepare for the April test instead. Ironic that I should gain work thru this disaster.

Okaasan looked pretty low tonight. Weary around the eyes. Didn't talk much at dinner. Finally our ever-so-chatty banter about non-disaster stuff got her talking...God knows what mood she'd be in if she didn't have us as the dinner entertainment.

And so.
Got emails from the British Embassy today about non-essential travel and evacuations to Hong Kong for people who are  directly effected. The American Government is either over-panicking or better-prepped than anyone with its recommended 50 km evacuation advisory.

The Couch Surfing network has started a group to offer free accommodation to evacuees. I think it's a great idea and have signed on. But I don't know many Japanese people will ever know about this, let alone take up the offers.
I hear Hokkaido Government is preparing to offer unused public housing for people from Tohoku.
I can't imagine what this will be like: to move to another part of the country suddenly. With nothing but the clothes you were wearing last Friday afternoon.

Tomorrow I will join the Minute of Silence. I hope everyone will do the same.


  1. I don't trust that the Japanese government is being so forthright with all the info, and I think 50km is a good distance to stay, just in case. You wouldn't want to go any closer and find out much much later that they had been wrong.

  2. I know how you feel. That & with daily email barrages from bro begging me to come home. We're pretty far southwest too, hoping we aren't much affected.