Friday, 3 June 2011

To hula or no? we go again.

Should Okaasan go or not? Hula Performance Day is tomorrow.
This time her hula class performance day starts at 11 am and goes on ALL day until 8 pm! Hours and hours of practice and lunch and chat and make up and hairstyling and performance and chat at one of the civic centres on Sapporo.

Yujiro's decided that it would be too long for Okaasan and that he won't talk about it and hope she had forgotten. Just let her stay home and have an ordinary day.
He argues that she would worry about toilet control, so she wouldn't eat all day...and just get tired and confused with the new dance steps etc etc.

So. I am under orders to Not Talk About Hula.
Easy enough, cos I am GOING AWAY FOR A WEEKEND!!!!!

But I do wonder...when Okaasan goes to hula class next week and all her classmates are talking excitedly about their performance will SHE feel when she realizes she didn't go to it?
Probably come home and kill her Oyomesan on the kitchen floor with a Japanese tea whisk thingy.

Oh well - his decision about his mum. Out of my hands.

I am off meanwhile on a train tomorrow a few hours south to Hakodate to get a rental car and drive to the historic town of Esashi, stay at a lake resort in a cheapo guest house and then drive to Esan on the coast to see the wild azalea...

so I am OUTTA here!


  1. Have a well deserved break. Wish I could join you for onset, gardening tips, decluttering advice and wine.