Saturday, 2 July 2011

Tea pots and soggy cake?

This is a carrot cake.
A little singed on top. hit the roof of the oven and collapsed....
The center feels a bit...soggy.....
I've surfed the Internet for helpful for hints about how to mount a Cake Rescue with the help of icing...and I think it'll be ok......
The Battle of the Scones will start early tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile I did a final furious 2 hours in the garden to make it look a little presentable for the 14? 16? students who may come for English Tea Party tomorrow afternoon. Three rose bushes are flowering and another one might be tempted to flower if I go out and wave the hairdryer near it...

I feel a bit nervous to be honest. I have lovely students. But inviting them to my home makes me nervous. I have cleaned the entrance hall and the toilet and I HOPE nobody gets any further than that!
Last student on Friday afternoon was chatting about her roses and garden, then she whipped out her cell phone to show my pictures of it - gorgeous! She should be inviting ME to look at her garden...I feel she (and others) will be disappointed.
But, it isn't meant to be an Open Garden contest - just a casual, relaxing "Thankyou" party to all the students who stayed with me over 2 years of cancelled classes and hollow-eyed teacher.

Meanwhile...on Planet Okaasan.
We discovered why she had bought a nice, glass tea pot recently...and then not one...but TWO tea pot covers for it. 

We had thought it was strange, because she only drinks powdered, very special Japanese green tea. The tea pot - from a specialist shop downtown - is designed so the central net holds the tea leaves and you can see them opening up in the water. I'd removed it - okay stolen it - from her room and started using it in my classroom.

I noticed when I was downtown a week back that these pots and covers are the shop's front display this month - along with a friendly sales lady who undoubtedly fished Okaasan in to look and then buy.

Then this week we discovered why she had bought pot and two covers...she thought it would be useful for taking iced water to hula dance classes!
(which also explains why we found the tea pot in the freezer once...)
Of course, it's a tea pot, and even in a cover, would be totally unsuitable for taking along in a bag of stuff to hula classes.
I bought a 500ml PET Bottle cover with strap from the camping shop and Yujiro gave that to Okaasan...and we hope...that will be ok.

All pretty boring really - but reminds us that the strange things Okaasan does have some kind of logic to her - it might be misplaced and wrong...but somewhere there is a reason for her actions.

Latest on the dental work - she complained 30 seconds before dinner tonight was served that her gum felt swollen and that she wouldn't be eating anything.
This time it was HIS cooking and frustration.
She picked her way through the salad.
Then Yujiro tried to get her to take one of the antibiotics for the swelling. Adament refusal.

Shan't eat. It'll get better that way.
Sigh.....Back to that then.

Anyway....tomorrow I shall bake scones and they will be a wonderful success - and the sun shall shine and the English Tea Party will be delightful! ;-))

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