Friday, 26 August 2011


Still managing to avoid Okaasan - it's a GOOD week! - had another evening class and  late dinner with the Couch Surfer.
Yujiro stayed home all day because of rain and fed Okaasan lunch and dinner, before coming out to talk Brazil-and-all-things-football with our  Brazilian Couch Surfer.
Okaasan slept most of the afternoon, and when he woke her up at 6.30 pm for dinner...she thought it was 6.30 AM and was all confused as to why "dinner" was being talked about...and didn't want much anyway because of course she'd slept on the carpet for hours.

Old people sleep a LOT don't they? Or is this Okaasan and dementia?
Okaasan often sleeps for whole afternoons, and then gets active late afternoon....and evening...nighttime she is often sitting there watching TV or washing underwear at 2 am or 3 am....Dementia sufferers and "sun-downing" is a recognised condition, for some reason sufferers get active late in the day.

Postbox/morning glory - my anger is subsiding, I can now ruefully examine they remaining plants and wonder whether they will bother flowering now at all. If I meet the postman I'll ask him about it all, but I won't lay in wait for is too short to spend energy on that. :-))

Dad - doing ok, although I was a bit weepy yesterday. Had a good howl in the shower. And I sent an email to the church warden and his wife in Dad's village and asked whether the vicar can mention Dad in prayers this coming Sunday. Dad wasn't religious, but he went to that church every Sunday for years with his churchgoing wife, because he enjoyed the community aspects of it all....and I would like to think that this week in that small community in England some people are remembering Dad, if only for a moment.
Many of the people in the village adopted one of the many stone statues that Dad made, now many gardens in that village have "one of Eric's animals or faces" - so maybe they could go and say "hello" to their statue or something...I did here to the dog and bird I have in my garden.

And finally...

In my many trawlings round blogosphere and news sites for stuff about dementia I came across this amazing story - a sports coach and a bishop who are bravely going public with their Alzheimer's and trying to continue to work.
Courageous people.

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  1. There was a study in the Netherlands where they used bright light to set the body clocks of older people to a more usual pattern. It seems to be a failure of the body to correctly adjust to times. Can't remember when the lights were used though!