Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What is she ON???????? (and can I have some?)

Okaasan on something amazing last night at dinner.

Don't know why. Maybe she's found a secret supply of performance enhancer-drugs and taken 6 at one time?

The ikura/salmon roe was a big success so the whole atmosphere at dinner was better and Okaasan was off and running with the story of how her father got fish and brought it back to Kawagoe late at night and she waited up for him because fresh fish was unusual in those days.
In her story the fish was either a crab or ikura - it changed when she retold the story a few minutes later. She was on high-speed chat function - chatty chatty chatty - all great.

But towards the end of dinner we realized it was a bit too much - she was alighting on words in the conversation and going off on tangents. 
By the end of the meal she had alighted on family finances and the stocks and shares she got from her husband and what was happening to them now...and what were they worth now and....and....
THIS is Yujiro's topic to deal with for sure. I escaped upstairs with an armful of laundry and left him batting off the repeat questions....


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  1. If you find the secret stash can you send some down here too. Ta :)