Monday, 23 January 2012

Alone again. Unnaturally.

He's gone. My partner in care. Gone ski teaching for Chinese New Year etc. Not back until Feb. 4th. Ski resorts out in east and central Hokkaido.



That's probably Okaasan's feeling too. All that time alone with me and my cooking. Enough to make an old lady worry. Her only social interaction for the next 14 me.

Yesterday he was out working locally, I actually drove with him as far as the outskirts of the city - so we could just have 30 mins sitting together and chatting about stuff. Then I got out of the car near the end of the subway line and went home, while he drove on to the ski area.
I spent the day quietly at home doing stuff and he came back in the evening for dinner.

Noticed interesting thing about Okaasan. As I was home all day and in and out of the kitchen doing things.

Okaasan's body movement is different depending on the time of day!
Demetia sufferers do sun-downing - getting more mentally/physically active towards the end of the day. That's a well-known symptom. Okaasan's later afternoon decisions to go out for a walk...after the sunshine and daylight is just part of this.

But yesterday I noticed that the WAY she sits watching TV changes as the hours pass.

In the morning she is sitting upright under the heated table blanket and watching TV.
By midday she is kind of slumping...and after lunch she is slumping or actually laying down. Slumping and staring at the TV. Doing nothing.

But by 4 pm and after....she is sitting upright again and shuffling through the things on her table, picking up the newspaper and magazines, rooting through the many little bags she has scattered around, fussing over shopping receipts of years gone by.....still sitting in front of the TV, but obviously MUCH more active.

It was so clearly different. Middle of the day and late afternoon.

Anyway. Here we go. Countdown to Feb. 4th....


  1. good luck, dear oyome-san. i hope the time seems to fly by!

  2. Sorry to hear you are left on your own for so long :( Perhaps the umeshuu will make it a bit better?