Sunday, 29 January 2012

Half-way there...

Only another week to go.
Seems he went away ages ago.

Good things: I get to use the whole electric blanket in bed. And the TV remote. And silence from noisy Japanese game shows on TV.

Bad things: oh you know....

But a good day today cos I escaped out and had fun in the sunshine and snow with the Hokkaido International Adventure Club - snow shoeing in the art park, followed by 20 people plus enjoying cheese fondue and mulled wine lunch.
WISH I could upload the pix of this...the sculptures of naked ladies and animals in the snow...and the food....but my laptop isn't set up for that. So they'll have to wait.
It was great to be outside working up a sweat, trying to balance on the snow shoes made out of bamboo, nylon cords and ingenuity...

I left Okaasan's lunch in flasks on the table, she was fine. Didn't go out again today. Pity, because the morning was nice and not cold....but of course she let that weather slip away.

Funny conversation about the mystery door knocker - who is of course called a "suspicious person" in English.

Okaasan asked me if the suspicious person had come back.
No, I don't think so. I didn't hear the doorbell in the first place. You did. Did you hear it again?
No. I was asleep.
Well, maybe the suspicious person didn't come then.
Yes, maybe....

I'm hoping my Please Don't Ring the Doorbell sign, and the signs of activity near the doorstep (I am trying to make ice candles) in buckets etc will warn off anyone who comes for a snoop.

Tired  tonight. Fun in the sun and snow though. Bit tired having dinner with Okaasan, it was extra-hard to think up conversation topics. I settled for Korean parks....Chinese tourists have money....Koreans were looked down on by Japanese wartime...
It was ok. Okaasan gets far more chat time with just me - it is probably putting her dementia into reverse.
Not sure what it's doing to MY braincells.


  1. Its a strange idea about the mystery door ringing (if it even happened?). But I"m glad to see you're still hanging on to your sanity at least! Think of all the good karma youre storing up here!

  2. Hang in there! Your conversations are probably doing Okaasan a world of good. Just being there to listen to her makes her feel valued.