Friday, 20 January 2012

In-to-lunch. :-)

THERE we are. Great scene welcomed me back into the kitchen tonight.
A nice empty lunch delivery box. Food consumed and box nicely washed.
Not a burned pan in sight.

I could come in at 6.30 pm and start making the miso soup, the pork and veggies Chinese fry thing in a packet sauce, the rice, pickles and left over tofu/spinach something.
Okaasan got back in at 6.45 pm and she and I sat and chatted about how much money Japanese star pitcher Yu Darvish will get to play in the US and how much his ex-wife will get etc etc
And my tale about 3 students cancelling classes this week as influenza strikes led Okaasan into a new - a NEW! - story about how she kept her little boys at home and healthy for the first 3 years of their life and how 1-year old Yujiro went off walking on his own....told me THAT story about 10 times...obviously she loved telling it and giggling at exactly the same place on each telling.

I had a little tremor of fear when I mentioned the lunch delivery etc and Okaasan said: "There's no need to go to the trouble of ordering me lunch like this..."

I thought she was about to say: "I'll cook my own lunch and burn the house down for you!", but she seemed to be saying that she could go OUT to lunch etc.

I quickly stamped on that idea and talked about the weather and the icy roads etc etc....better to stay in at lunchtime and how this delivery system was SO convenient.....PLEEEESE just enjoy it...and let me get on with my working life. Well, I didn't say the last part.
I mentioned that when Yujiro is away it is hard for me to cook lunch and dinner every day "just while Yujiro is working away a lot let's use this service shall we?"...and Okaasan seemed to accept that idea...I think. Hope.

Oh God I hope.

So. Friday night. And look what I got!!! Two students gave me presents this week: homemade plum wine and strawberries and that's what I am into tonight.....

**** Bit puzzled about blog counter thingy on the side here says there have been OVER 200 blog visits today. I don't know why. Haven't been that many since we had our domestic violence interlude 2 years ago or when my Dad and step-mum died....or the recent F&%$#}{|! Sale story....why? Are old lady lunch boxes so interesting? I can't think that my topic labels of "dementia" "cooking" and "day care avoidance" or whatever could attract so many views.
Very odd.
Facebook is somehow now connecting Network Blogs...maybe it's that.....I'm not so sure everyone I know on Facebook really wants to/needs to read these domestic ramblings.
Very odd.


  1. looks like someone linked to your blog. hm....

  2. I'm raising my hand as the reason for your hits. I linked to one of your posts in one of my posts on my 1000 Things Blog. I'll be happy if that drives some traffic your way and you get some new readers. I shouldn't be one of only a handful of people to read your blog.

    The post that linked to your blog is here:

  3. Ah HA!Orchid64 - that's why!!! Thankyou... I understand...the stats on this blog go up and down - only 49 followers, but I know a lot of of other people drop by for a bit of stalking from time to time.
    Actually, I feel small is beautiful in blogging...somehow it is reassuring to think that a regular group of supportive people are reading, rather than a larger, anonymous mass.

    But glad to know that beansprouts story was useful to you - yup...beansprouts with ramen noodles ok/beansprouts with buckwheat noodles NOT ok. :-( Japanese Food Combinations Fact 3,870.

  4. Yep, that's where we are all coming from. I'm de-lurking to acknowledge that I came in via 1000 Things ... and that I'm going to be a regular reader from now on. Great blog!

  5. Welcome welcome.....I thought I'd mentioned some trending word in Japanese blogsphere by "underpants"...and THAT was getting me all the visits!