Sunday, 1 January 2012

Ozoni help!!!

Anyone got an easy ozoni recipe?
I used this ready-made stock tonight. I used 1: 6 stock: water...but the result looked very brown, so I added more water...and then I cut the mochi up too small and Okaasan said they were hard....and I think the chicken pieces were too small...and...and ...and

Oh help!
This is the hardest thing about Japanese cooking - this basic balance of stock/soy sauce/sake....

Anybody got a fool-proof ozoni recipe that I can try for tomorrow night's effort?


  1. I will post my husband's recipe on my blog later today (he's watching the Hakone Eki-den right now...) but that may be too late for you?
    Here is the recipe he bases it off of. We usually make a huge pot so you can multiply it by 4 of 5 to do that.

  2. Thankyou!!! funny thing is -I am using the same book!

    But the basic problem is this dashi bottle and how much water/dashi to use. I'll try 1:4 tonight.