Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sock it to me (x 30 plus)

 Would you rather have your sock selection like...this?

or..... this?

If you have a nice, kind Oyomesan you will have below: the artfully arranged basket of neatly-paired socks, all pegged to their partner and in color piles.

If you are Okaasan: you'll have the above. Three spreading clusters of socks at different points around your room on the carpet. When you go out you have to play Hunt the Missing Sock...endlessly...scurrying from cluster to cluster with more than 60 odd socks in varying shades of pink, beige and brown.

So. I tried. Washed them all, bought the pegs and the basket. Sat down and had my own Match the Sock game, which was hard even with my short-term memory skills.
This morning I took the basket into Okaasan and said: wouldn't it be nice to keep yours socks like this, so you can see them easily etc etc.
HOPING she will keep them like this. At least for a while.
She seemed appreciative. Maybe just being polite at the outlandish suggestion that she should keep socks in this style. We haven't had much luck with other "helpful" clothes/room setting ideas. We tried to label the chest drawers, so she could find clothes among 10 drawers. She left the labels for 10 hours -and then peeled them off and stuck them inside the drawers.

What IS it with clothes scattered all over the place? Why does she do this? Wanting to see everything? Always thinking "I'm in the middle of laundry day"?
I'm sure that she never used to keep clothes like this, all over the floor and the furniture. All thrown together, creased and mixed.

And in other news: the house painting finished! We have a wonderful, cream colored house now. Looks great. But sadly, there are flecks of old paint all over the garden too - the cats are rolling and walking in them, and the flowers and vegetables will grow this year thru the carcinogenous stuff.

And: Okaasan is interested in joining another dance class.
She's taken out her hula dance skirts. And she has a flyer for a Folk Dance class at the culture school she went to before.
She thinks June 22 is a class visit date. She thinks the people in the photo look friendly - and not like the "bullies" in the two hula dance classes she has already quit.
It would be GREAT if she joined another class. Get her out and active physically and socially. Yujiro never took her along to the Tuesday hula class at the culture school where I am working, but Okaasan has found a class she likes herself.
Yes! Yes! Yes!


  1. Hope she takes to the sock idea. Why the pegs?

  2. Me too....the basket and socks are still in her room all together crossed-fingers.
    Pegs? Cos I think she likes to see the socks clearly. Last year I washed all her socks and rolled them up in balls, and gave them to her....she unrolled them to see what each one was...whether it was the color/length she wanted that day...and then she rolled them up again...and unrolled them...and...and...hence pegs!
    But..I do have a worry that the pegs will signal "laundry" to her, and she will think they are wet, or hang them outside!!!