Friday, 4 May 2012

Things that the night.

This is our dinner-with-sushi-view last night at our nearest, dearest revolving sushi place...

Had to put our names down 90 minutes before we got to eat and had to sit in the car in the restaurant car park watching the rain fall for 30 mins until the order pager rang - but hell - it's a crazy public holiday in Japan and that's what people do!
And the sushi is VERY good.

It was our family trip out to spend time with Okaasan and let her enjoy the public holiday atmosphere. We sat at the counter and scoffed ourselves.

I was a bit worried that Okaasan had had a toilet accident in the car, while we were waiting - because the smell in the car was awful and I opened the windows and waffled on about the windows steaming up. We kept offering her chances to go to the toilet, but she declined.

Anyway, we got her home and the car seat seemed I thought maybe it was just a giant fart filling the car.


Later on we went to bed. Yujiro as usual, was dead to the world in seconds.
I lay awake, listening to the rain and worrying about my terrace. I heard Okaasan slip-slapping in her slippers to the toilet. 
And there she stayed. The minutes went on...and I realised I hadn't heard her going back to her room. And then the toilet flushed. And again, and again, and again.
She stayed there 15 minutes...or more, flushed the toilet many times.
It could mean only one thing. I got up and went to the top of the stairs. A wall of foul smell hit me from the toilet door below.
Should I go down and check she was ok? Would that be even more stressful for her?
I hovered.
And went back to bed. All too stressful for her and I was ready to end my day and get back into oblivion.

This morning damp patches on the toilet room carpet tiles, stains on the toilet mat....yuk, yuk.
No half-washed pajamas or pants in the bathroom - which means they are lurking in a plastic bag or wrapped in newspaper in her room.
I changed the carpet tiles. Washed the mat.

Okaasan only had soup for lunch, complained that her stomach was "a bit upset".
So she remembers something about it. But we can't go into her room and get the soiled clothes - she'll either deny having any or say she'll do the washing herself. But she hasn't.
Today the rain continued, so she won't go out.
Somewhere in there the clothes will fester.

And of course the toilet pads are there unused in the corner of her room.
Don't need those.....


  1. Double, double, toilet trouble....

  2. I was afraid it would be something like that when I read the title. Must have been all those bananas! You are very, very patient.

  3. I think it was too much sushi.....and waiting in the car to eat it all....