Friday, 22 June 2012

Excuse hunting........

Didn't go!
Okaasan 1/The Rest of the Confusing World 0.

I came back with shopping early afternoon to find Okaasan reluctantly getting ready to go.
Yujiro had just called her to make sure she was coming to meet him.
I unpacked shopping in the kitchen and made supportive noises.
But she was pretty negative: I don't want to go, Yujiro says I should go, I don't like Folk dance, it's boring, I want to do a different class, why do you think I want to do this, I found another class I want to do, I don't like folk dance, Yujiro says I should go...on and on and on.
It was also starting to rain lightly, so I drove her to the subway station and cheerfully waved her off with her dancing shoes and a hula dance skirt in a bag.
I returned to work.

Came home at 4.30 pm to prep her dinner (we are going out tonight...couple date nite :-))
Okaasan came home at 5 pm.
The folk dance had been from 3.30 to 5.15 pm.
Obviously...something fishy.

She looked tired and old and confused. So different from the lady who came home from the hair salon on Tuesday with her nice new perm.
No, I didn't go. Downtown? Um...maybe, I went. Met Yujiro at the coffee shop? Um.....not sure. It was raining, nobody came. I didn't go to folk't know...can't remember.....

She's flopped by the Tv now.
He says she came to meet him, obviously didn't want to go to the class. So he didn't force it. Instead he went back to work and  left her go off to a coffee shop for coffee and cake......but she didn't have enough money for the coffee shop...they called him...he went back and paid for her...and went back to work...and ...and...and...

Exhausting. All of it. We've all been thinking about this folk dance class all day...with various degrees of stress....

But no, she DIDN'T really want to go. And so, she didn't.
Guess we'll learn from that experience then. Not sure what yet. To let Dreaming Okaasans Dream On? Let her study leaflets about dance classes, but just let it stay at that stage and not set it up for her to go?

I need a drink. 
Friday night. Loong week. Loong day.
I am heading out to meet my man and his Groupon vouchers.
I need alcohol.


  1. This whole fiasco sounds so much like me trying to get my son to his karate class....If you had to battle about it every week, it probably wouldn't have been worth it. Hope you get your alcohol fix.

  2. So sorry that it didn't work out. It sounds like it was exhausting for everyone. So hard to predict ahead what will be fun for her. I hope you had a relaxing evening away! nancy tsurumaki

  3. How completely stressful, frustrating and exhausting for you all. She's sounding so confused. Hope you and Y were able to have a nice date night and not spend the whole time talk about okaasan - like couples with kids do. Tis very hard not to but. :) xxx