Sunday, 15 July 2012

Still oblivious.

Okaasan still hasn't asked about hula dance class.

And we're not saying.

And that is the wonderful PLUS side of managing the life of someone with can let tricky topics slip and slide away.

I guess that Okaasan lives in the same day, over and over again. Like my fave movie "Groundhog Day". She is always sitting there in her room, the TV is on with the familiar faces and sounds, she is wearing her flowery pajamas, there is a newspaper and magazine on the table and shopping receipts to check, if she goes to the kitchen there is lunch in flasks on the table or we are cooking and serving dinner. There are side trips to the toilet and to wash her face, or take a bath and do a little handwashing of clothes.
And that day goes on and on and on.
She isn't connected to the time/day/month particularly. It could be July or September, or Sunday or a Thursday. Maybe morning.


For us it a holiday weekend in Japan and we are having our annual, mammoth BBQ.
Did the big shop yesterday at COSTCO, the American superstore.
Cat food as a BBQ extra...

Today about 25 people will come to consume all the beef and fish and salads and cheesecake and beer and wine.
I'll feed Okaasan in the kitchen quietly late-morning and I expect she'll head out for a walk in the afternoon and hopefully feel confident enough to come home when she wants to.
Last year? I remember seeing her standing out in a parking area some way from the house, standing there for 20 mins or more looking at the house and the late guests still in the garden - and standing there. NOT coming home.:-(

So. Into BBQ day this year. 

and DON'T mention hula!!!

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  1. I hope the BBQ went off well- looks like it should with the mountain of food ;-)
    and sorry to hear the hula woes, at least it seems to be sliding at the moment, is there no way of sneaking her into the older folks hula class (if she asks about hula again)? Devious I know, but I wonder if it would help?

    On a happier note- I'm in preparation mode now...found one olympic 50p- wrestling