Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Calm after.

Thankyou all for your congrats and virtual highfives :-)
I feel as if there is a big army of supportive lurkers behind me.

Okaasan seems fine.
last night at dinner she was calm and chatty and happy. She'd been out for lunch with Dear Son, she'd been out for a walk alone. At dinner she chatted on and on happily about how-my-cooking-school-was-near-the film star-Ishihara's -house-and-even-my-husband-came-to-look...telling us many, many times that old familiar story.
Seemingly no stress after the day service home visit and 74 question interview.
Maybe because it was at home? A young woman? Talk about exercising in winter?
She was calm.

I thanked Dear Son for his efforts by buying him two bottles of Belgian beer.
Wow. Great.
Now we are IN the care system. People who know things know about us and our situation. They will help. I hope.

We await the next stage.


  1. Huge huge congratulations!!

    A big hearty pat on the back for both of you for your incredible patience and tenacity. And a gentle, non-threatening pat for Okaasan too for taking it in her stride and not getting upset. What a relief.

    Here's hoping this winter is going to be a lot kinder on all three of you :)

    from Eleanor, one of your lurker army

  2. My (Japanese) future mother-in-law and I have already had the discussion about how neither of us wants to live together, so I admire you for this. And I've done care-giving too, and I got to go home from that and leave my problems at work...except you can't even do that, so even more respect.

  3. Thankyou :-) I reckon MOST people don't want to live with family when they get older and need helping, but when it comes down to it - it's better to live with family for a while while the care is still doable by non-experts - VERY luckily she does so little in the house that we don't clash on those topics.....