Monday, 3 December 2012

Who'll put the bell...

There's a Japanese saying: "Who'll put the bell on the cat?" - which means there's a problem (a cat) everyone knows about, but somebody has to step forward and put a bell on the cat to reduce the danger.
Or something. I've heard garbled versions from two students.

Tonight I gave Okaasan her new front door key.
And I put a bell on it. :-)
And a large, chunky key fob with the name of a shoe shop in Hawaii - who gave me THAT? - but the bell is a disgarded cat toy.
I told Okaasan it will help her find the key when it is hiding in the dark depths of her bag. Any of the bags.

We'll see.....

But I got two front door keys cut, so we are ready with the next one when she loses it again.

Christmas lights.....what do you think? I've just spent 45 mins climbing in and out of my second floor windows in gum boots, with the cats getting over-excited, and trying to tie my star lights to things in the garden.
Hmmmm.......not sure. Will be better when there is more snow.....

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