Saturday, 26 January 2013

Report card

Day service gave Okaasan a great report card.
She went to the toilet twice...and didn't bite anyone.

No, joking aside (but not for long), it really was a very detailed report card about what she did, said, felt that day at the day service center.
Looks positive, she appeared to enjoy it all and interacted with other people. Appeared to enjoy the ballroom dancing.
I say "appeared", because who knows? Of course the day center staff will write slightly postive things as we are customers and they are trying to get us to continue using them, and of course Okaasan in a public place with friendly strangers will look happy etc
But. Looks good.

On the way to day center she was underdressed for a cold day (I know), and in the car she checked several times that it really WAS ballroom dance day and NOT hula.
At the center she went to the dance class, but her heart rate was a bit high (excited?), so they suggested that she just watch...but can't keep Okaasan down when she wants to do something - so up she jumped and joined in. Danced with the teacher. Danced well. Talked to classmates.
After that didn't join a traditional card game, but watched, chatted to people....enjoyed lunch, didn't have a bath because of the slightly high heart rate...cut her own nails, chatted about stories long ago.
All good :-)
And peed twice.
Didn't bite classmates.

You know - this might be better than hula...if she will continue going - because hula is quite an isolated dance style. You stand in your own space, looking at classmates' backs and you don't interact.
But ballroom you touch other people, you stand close, you talk. All of that sounds much more stimulating.

Oh! I soooooo hope this continues.
Slightly cloud on the horizon is that I thought she'd commented on the dance class and said "real"...actually the word she said means "basic" if that thought stews around in her brain for a few days it might become "too basic/boring/low level" and then we'll be back to square one.



  1. Oyome-san!
    I nearly spit out my bite of lunch when I read the first paragraph! LOL!

    YAY! for good report cards!

  2. I think it sounds great. She is will probably enjoy learning a new skill and won't have any previous experiances to compare it with. It sounds like she has a lot of courage, to just jump right up and start dancing! I hope it continues to go well for you all. It sounds like you are getting more than the norm for snow this year. Nancy in Tokyo