Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Yes, you will....

Here  is Okaasan - forced out into the snow and dragged away by an overly-kind day service driver to a horrible, warm, bright building where she was threatend into dancing and eating and drinking tea.

It's old lady abuse.

And? She...kinda liked it.

It was a "ma-ma, so neh" in Japanese at the end of the day when her scheming son videoed her on his cell phone as he cross-examined her about the day and whether she'd enjoyed it.
"ma-ma, so neh" means "Hmm, well, it was okay, I guess" in Japanese. It's probably as enthusiastic as she is going to get. And now Dear Son has it taped so he can show her anytime and prove that at 5 pm on Tuesday January 15th she kind-of-enjoyed-herself-at-that-place.

Yesterday was his day to activate Okaasan and wow - he did. I leaned over the upstairs balcony and listened in as he told her/cajoled her/explained to her/told her/strictly/jokily/kindly/ etc that YES - TODAY YOU ARE GOING FOR THE SECOND TIME TO A PLACE YOU LIKED BEFORE.

I felt bad for Okaasan. Kept waiting for her to fight back and stand her ground...but she didn't. She bowed to his power and let herself be guided into it. I couldn't have done it. My language skills just aren't up to it. Neither is my relationship with her.
He did it.

And next week? We'll see what happens then.


  1. "ma-ma, so neh"! Those are powerful words :) With dementia, we take what we can get :)

  2. Hi there! Long time lurker but I just wanted to say how I'm so happy to hear that all went well and the day care is still a "go!" Hang in there! - Amy