Sunday, 19 May 2013

Another cherry blossom season

...and so, here we are again....cherry blossom season and still living with Okaasan.
When this all started I hopefully picked up hints in various dementia writings that it might only go on for 3 years or so. until she became so deranged that we had to put her in professional care...yeah...right...what is this? The 4th spring with her?
Cherry blossoms have come very late to north Japan. 10 days in some places. Sunshine and blue sky - everyone is just relieved to see them.
We took Okaasan out to a park for a walk yesterday - bit of family duty. I felt last year that however much we talked about "oh, the blossoms are lovely - you should go and see them" - she actually didn't. Once she leaves the house and goes for a walk she is set in her familiar routes of station - coffee shop - department store - station -home.
So after lunch at home the three of us drove down to one of the big city parks, a bit of a grey and windy day, but we joined everyone else ambling around.
Did Okaasan enjoy it? I guess. She fussed about her coat and her scarf and her handbag, she commented how cold it was...endlessly...and how cold it was for people to be boating on the lake.
Called into some toilets in a museum half way round the park. While she and I waited for a toilet to be empty Okaasan asked: "Are we going to have lunch out now?" ate it at home an hour ago, the three of us in the kitchen...."Really? I don't remember, did we? I am losing my memory, aren't I?".....
But contrast that with Okaasn's friendly welcome to my Friend with Baby who dropped something off at the house earlier - Okaasan knew who she was and bustled out to chat to her about how I-never-took-my-babies-outside-until-they-were-university-graduates-times -have-changed-etc
But lunch with her son and I in the kitchen an hour ago? Gone.
The cherry blossom walk knackered Okaasan, she slept the rest of the afternoon and into the early evening too. She spends most afternoons asleep and rushing her out after lunch threw that routine of course.
But she is fine. And so, another cherry blossom season of living with and looking after his mum.
aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thanks for joining me for the ride. I hope spring is lovely, whereever you are.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I imagine the unknown future is difficult since you can't predict what will come. You accomplished so much this year though, with getting Okasan evaluated and dear son is realizing so much more about what she needs now etc. So glad that your cherry blossoms have finally arrived. I kept seeing the snow mark for Sapporo and wondered when you would get spring. Nancy