Thursday, 9 May 2013

Day care - twice

Off she goes again - second time this week at day care.

First day went well - but she was tired when she came home and told Dear Son that she hadn't wanted to take a bath because she was so tired after the hula dancing. She had done a whole hour of dancing - not realising she could stop anytime she chose.
He called the day service people and told them to TELL her to stop - not offer her the chance to stop - just TELL her. Okaasan is so polite she would think it rude to the teacher to stop dancing!

And this morning off she went again - I actually stayed upstairs and let the center driver deal with all Okaasan's questions and back and forths to get stuff from her room - and off she goes again...

and so we hope this continues as our routine.....we hope.

I'm disappearing now into 4 days of work at an international conferenece for gyno doctors. I shall get my revenge for every painful gyno examination I've ever had and hand out misinformation at the conference desk..."Mount Fuji? Yes, just take a taxi from the front of the hotel and ask for 'Fu-gu' - that'll do it!".

and....our blue baby came home yesterday....driving it gave me palpitations...

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