Friday, 31 May 2013

Keeping track of injuries...

Okaasan made it daycare yesterday - with a bit of persuading from Dear Son.
A day of no-dance, just a bath and gentle exercises.
We told the day care staff about the "slip-fall", so they could check Okaasan's body when she was having a bath and see if there was apparently any worse injuries.
I had it in mind that we'd get a call mid-morning from them telling is they'd discovered far worse injuries beneath her clothing. But luckily no.

Okaasan heard us telling them about the "slip-fall" -
"I bruised" she said, touching her face....which was the cut/bruise place about 3-4 weeks ago. Hard to keep them all in order really!

But good she went to the center again, and she seems to enjoy it. After all the struggles to GET her going, it is of course a positive thing in her life. And ours.

Cherry blossom season has arrived where I live...gorgeous..

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  1. How sad that she can not really remember her falls. I hope that she quickly is back to her normal self. It's a hard problem to anticipate. So glad that you are getting cherry blossom and spring flowers. Nancy in Tokyo