Wednesday, 15 May 2013

So You Think You Can Dance?

There we are - proof that Okaasan is actually going to a day service place and dancing. :-))

The center took photographs and offered to sell them to us, but in this day and age you can just rephotograph and post on the Internet...or take them to a 7-11 and copy them.

Anyway - Okaasan looking happy enough, dancing hand in hand with a nice looking teacher (left) and grooving on down in hula in her pink T-shirt (right).

Sorry, there hasn't been much Okaasan and Me to report on in the past week. Hasn't been much Me to report on really as I disappeared for 4 days work into the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology 65th Annual Congress.

4 days of agony really. Exhausting, shattering work.
The doctors had booked 8 bilingual staff to support and attend about 50 non-Japanese VIP guests at this conference.
50 VIPs and 8 staff. Already too many staff.
Then factor in that the congress was spread over three buildings and four hotels, that Japanese doctors speaking perfectly good English were taking care of their foreign colleagues, that Americans and Brits and Taiwanese doctors CAN actually navigate from their hotel bedroom to their presentation room alone...and ....and...and..
The VIP room had lunch for 50 people. I think the maximum was 13 people eating it.
We bilingual staff stood and sat, and stood and sat for ages doing nothing. Hours.
Some of us created work for ourselves - going out and around the congress helping anybody - VIP or not - and there were tiny highlights of interest.
But really 4 days of leaving home at 6.45 am and getting home after 9 pm. Knackered.
My knee muscles swelled up and I think I am too old to do that kind of work. I was hoping it would lead to more interesting work in future. Hmm.

* Cross your legs ladies.....on the sale booths at congress there were display cases of those ice-cream scoopy things gyno docs like to stick into us, there were tilting examination chairs and...horror of horrors!!! ...there was a VIDEO of an examination, with the woman's bits and the doctor's fingers and the new-design inserting machine...and...and...and...aghhhhhhhh!!!!
I checked the presentations to see if there was a paper entitled: "Exploding Yubari Melon in 49 year-old English Teacher". I think it was an afternoon session on Day 3..

So, I hardly saw Okaasan for 4 days. Hardly saw Yujiro and the cats either.
Okaasan was out and missed her delivery dinner box on Saturday night - I came home knackered at gone 9 pm and found her standing in the kitchen wondering what to do. I threw stuff in the microwave and onto the table for her (Dear Son was at a party).
Sunday was Mother's Day. I remembered to remind Dear Son. I bought the flowers for him to give her. Then I chickened out of Going Out to Family Dinner, and sent mother and son off together - so I could stay home quietly and recover with alcohol and dinner-on-a-tray-with-TV.

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