Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Too much?

Two days a week day care is too much? Maybe.
Okaasan very tired when she came home yesterday. It wasn't a dance day at day care, but she had a bath and was taken to see the cherry blossoms in the park.
Now she'll have today to recover, and then tomorrow morning she is due to go again...all day.
Yesterday she told Dear Son that she was tired and didn't want to go again...
We are thinking we should scale it back to just once a week for dance class. In summer she can go walking downtown or round the neighborhood for exercise - she doesn't NEED twice a week day care.
Most old people snooze daytime - I'm surprised that the day care center doesn't allow for that in their schedule. Maybe they do, but Okaasan doesn't think/want to sleep in a public place?

Actually we were surprised how tired she became in the family walk round the park on Saturday. The park is flat and we walked about half a kilometer. She was already tired. Well, 83? are allowed to get tired.

And one strange, wacky thing: she was talking at day care about how she often goes to the ear, nose, throat hospital!????? Yujiro says she tells people this quite often...I don't even know the word for this in Japanese, so I haven't heard it or understood it - but apparently she tells people center staff, day care manager etc

REALLY odd. Because, of course she doesn't go to hospital. She hates hospitals. She has never been to an ear, nose, throat hospital. Nobody around her has. Very odd.

We'll leave her quietly today and see if she is interested in going to dance tomorrow. It's important she stays positive about day care, so if twice a week is too much for her - then time to scale it back.


  1. She may have a sore throat or a tonsillitis thus the constant mention of the ear, nose throat hospital. Also consider when was the last time she went to a dentist? The fatigue may be caused by a hidden infection.


  2. Yes, we wonderede about those questions...but actually he says the "go to hospital many times" story has been around for a while, so he doesn't think it's connected to any pain she is feeling now...but we are checking and always, the hardest thing would be getting her out of the front door and into the car and out of the car INTO a hospital....she was at the dentist a year ago for a lot of work...could be a return of those problems..