Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Dementia care ideas

Came across two interesting media reports this week about dementia care.

The BBC had this report about dementia dogs - like guide dogs for blind people, but dogs to live with dementia sufferers and help them thru the day with gentle reminders about eating and medicines, and a focus to talk to and walk with.

Wonder if we could train our cats to do this with Okaasan? Come and paw her arm when it's time to go out for a walk? Nudge her about going to the toilet? :-)

The other report, is on CNN - about a wonderful care community in Holland - a real COMMUNITY - a home designed around a courtyard of shops and hairsalons, seating and public spaces, where all the staff "act" as shop assistants etc to the residents who come out and walk the community every day. Sort of like the Trueman Show, that Jim Carrey film. Seems wonderful. Giving dementia people the feeling that they are independently doing normal things, but within a controlled environment.

Interesting stuff.

Meanwhile here, Dear Son remembered to take Okaasan to the dentist again this morning. Getting her out so early was a bit hard. She fussed about stuff endlessly.

But it's a good week : I took her to the hair salon on Sunday, Monday she stayed home and Tuesday she went to day service. Life ongoing. I feel we are giving her the safe routines.

Laundry: when we first came to live here Okaasan was always doing her personal laundry, pants and things. Now she sometimes starts doing it - but leaves the wet clothes in the bathroom or in her room on the floor, or she puts clothes in plastic bags "for later". I'm doing 95% of it now.


  1. Heard this story on the radio last night and it made me think of you:

    Not your specific situation, but it does touch on the larger issues you face.

  2. Wow! Thankyou for that interesting report - that is an amazing topic. I've read similar stuff about mentally handicapped etc and the level of awareness and consent.
    It does touch on our situation in that we are "caring" for Okaasan and making sure her days are good. But she doesn't think she has any inabilities (maybe only cooking), so we have to do things (washing clothes/cleaning room/money/dental and hair care/socialising) for's a fine line between care and intrusion into personal space. But possible to see the changes - the laundry situation now is 95% me - but two years ago she thought it was strange that I would take and do her laundry. Now she just accepts clean laundry piles...

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