Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Recovery mode

Okaasan seems ok after the stresses of Sunday - physically after her fall and mentally/emotionally after the angery and stress.

He was working Monday night, so I came home from work and cooked up BBQ leftovers into a semblance of a dinner and sat quietly with Okaasan chatting about this and that. She did many repeats in her chat, but seemed happy enough. More focused on the two flies in the kitchen than on the food on the plate.
She'd taken herself out for a walk downtown in the afternoon - so there isn't any physical problem.

We guess.

Mind, you....my first class on Monday monring has an 80 plus lady in it and SHE came to class this week with her arm in a sling and a bandaged wrist: she fell and cracked the wrist...but didn't realise there was a problem till 24 hours later when it swelled up!
Of course my head was full of Okaasan and the latest fall...I checked her hands etc and asked her, but she seems ok.
I think we are on borrowed time with these falls. How many times can an 80 year old fall down until it is a serious injury...so far only bruises and cuts.
i'm wondering if we can change the steps outside the front door, so it is safer for her?

Okaasan went off to day care today and I asked the staff to check her body when they are helping her at bathtime....it's SO lucky that she is going there and having a bath. Here at home she was taking a bath by herself (after we'd told her to do so and preppped everything) - so there was no chance for us to check her body for injury. But at day care it's a big Japanese style bath and the staff can be in the same room with Okaasan helping her with clothes etc.

How much longer can these falls be lucky?

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