Thursday, 20 February 2014

NV or not to be....

The one toilet accident last Friday become two - another on Saturday.

The washed, dried carpet tile spent about 3 hours back in its place - and then was hauled off into the bathroom again for cleaning. A new toilet mat hadn't even made its appearance.

Okaasan denied she had any soiled clothes in her room and Dear Son accepted her denial.
But when she went to the toilet again a few hours later I ran into her room and found it all folded up in a newspaper, nesting on top of the spare room heater.

Did Okaasan have the dreaded Norovirus that is common at the moment among school kids and nursing home residents? Was it just forgetting to go to the toilet in time - twice in 72 hours?
She hadn't eaten anything unusual or a large amount.

We waited another 24 hours.
Okaasan seemed "down" over the weekend. Ate silently, didn't speak much. Shuffling around under a cloud. Was that the continuing bad feeling after two toilet accidents, or was it a worsening condition?

Okaasan with Norovirus would be haaaaard. Trying to do all the cleaning and keeping things hygienic, when she wouldn't remember the details and probably resent constant checking. Only bright spot would be she'd probably stop eating.

By Sunday night she seemed a little brighter. Sunday had passed with no accidents.
She seemed back on track.

I told day center on Tuesday, felt it was only fair.
They wanted to know if she had had or still had a temperature. Of course they can't risk having a virus-carrier in the center. I hadn't actually checked that, of course. All I could say was that the toilet problems appeared to have gone. And she seemed fine again.
They accepted her to go.

* Bathroom.
Dear Son got Okaasan to have a bath after the 2nd accident. But she couldn't get UP from the little shower seat. We went and bought a much higher seat for her...and for us :-) This time he was right - she was in the shower for ages and he actually opened the door and went in and helped her stand up. Recently when she was in the bathroom for ages I called to her from outside the door - to check for signs of life - but I didn't actually open the door and go in. I should have done.


  1. I was surfing the net and came across this article and immediately thought of you.
    Is there any way you can slip some coconut oil in Okaasan's food? lol
    The article is "coconut oil reverses dementia in 100 year old woman"
    this is not spam by the way, just a reader who thought of you. :)

  2. Hi there - yes, i've heard about coconut oil...but to be honest, i've always wondered HOW on earth I would slip it into her must be quite a distinct taste....but I'd give it a go, cos I love coconut...