Sunday, 29 June 2014


Hardly seen her.
Hardly seen him either.
Or the cats.

Or anything, really.

Just a lot of work. Some of it must-finish-before-holiday stuff and some just regular stuff, with intensity.
Days and days of early morning football on the TV, then work till 8 or 9 pm...home to grabbed, unhealthy food and bed.
He's been doing the home duties.
I got away for one night to see Cutest Baby in the World and his mum, now relocated to Tochigi. And I caught up at a cake buffet with a friend visiting from the UK. And did some gardening.
But. Really?
I don't remember much else.

The football has been great - although watching some games on fast forward on the TV, so we can cram in two games before work-time - THAT does bad stuff to your eyes. Getting more and more excited about our holiday. 10 days from now.

Okaasan bought fuki, a kind of large, wild celery. She buys it about once a year.
I make her cook it. The cooking is just long boiling and soaking, but the cutting, and ripping off the tough bits etc takes for ever. She buys it - she can do it. I organised her into it and kept popping into the kitchen to show enough interest and make interested sounds. She does so little kitchen-work - it is good for her hands and brain to be doing it.
Today is hair salon day. Again, I suggested it to her and gave her a large paper with the name and phone numbers of the two salons; downtown or local. She chose local again and I called. I'll take her along there today.

I am sorry. This blog is hardly interesting now. My life is whirling on, and with Dear Son on summer work - Okaasan is hardly in my care.
But we are going away soon: the longest she has been left since she came to live with us. The longest holiday we've had as a couple too. Hell hotel for two cats.
We'll see how that goes...

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