Sunday, 27 September 2015

VERY timely...

November family trip is taking shape: we'll stay in a hotel near Okaasan's brother's home. Sadly not the hotel which is just 5 minutes walk away, but still near enough to explore the familiar areas easily. 
Brother's wife is taking on all the arrangements: a family get together dinner at a local restaurant etc.

And talk about this trip being timely! Apparently brother himself is starting to lose track of things/life/conversations/memories - so a VERY good time to unite him and his sister while they can both still understand and enjoy it. Another sister and a sister-in-law may come too.
It'll be fun!
Maybe. Have to keep control of the alcohol....

And to finish here today...just off to do a quick clean up of Okasan's room while she is in the bath...
Read this on the Which Me Am I Today? blog - about perspectives, trying to look at "carers" from the perspective of a person with dementia....
I think I am guilty on all counts for how I view Okaasan. But it is HARD not to when you are involved in the very personal care/management of another person.
The blog writer is a smart, funny British woman who campaigns for greater knowledge and research into dementia. I love what she writes, but I think too that it is all too easy for someone who is still SO able in her world to forget that there are many millions of people who are beyond her level of ability.
And carers: if you pick thru the hidden away dirty underwear of someone it's hard to have a "respect" for them. They are the task you have to do, the necessary job in your already busy day.
But anyway - I read down this guest writer's checklist of "challenging behaviors" by "carers" and thought: Yup, yup, yup.....must TRY harder.


  1. Read this and thought of you --- from a caregiver's perspective:

    1. Thankyou - really good piece. It really articulates so many things very well from the carer's perspective. Particularly as this person was not a family member. Very interesting. Yes. Love it.