Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas time again

This is sad.
I am updating a blog on Christmas Day.
And you are reading it.


But 'yknow, this is the first day with hours of empty nothingness I've had since...November?
It feels like it.
Endless year-end parties with students, classes, a mammoth edit job which I was determined to finish by Christmas. And all the usual shopping/sending panic. And some jazz concerts. Work/Tired/Fun.

Okaasan agreed to go to the supermarket with the day care woman by taxi. But I didn't get her in a bath. Shoot...maybe that means she hasn't had a bath for about 10 days....maybe I should.
Dear Son is away until next week, when he will be home for 2 days.

So. Okaasan and I for Christmas 2015.
I did it easy. Worked until about 4 pm on Christmas Eve and bought some fried chicken at the supermarket. Took it home to serve with veggies and a little wine. I decorated the table to show it was Christmas...and Okaasan and I sat down for dinner.
I called up DS on my smart phone video and he shouted greetings from the ski lodge at Okaasan, then we ate and I heard the wartime and food stories.....and after 45 mins I retreated upstairs to a Hugh Grant film and wine...

I didn't give Okaasan a present. Because I am sure she doesn't have one for me, and it would be awkward.  So, just companionship and food. Enough really.

A large piece of salmon got delivered the other by somebody. Okaasan just left it on the kitchen table under a bag. There is no note. She has no idea where the fish appeared from. Makes it impossible to thank whoever sent it....

And so.
I am driving to the ski school lodge this afternoon to meet my man and have dinner with him. Snowstorm here now. Hopefully ok. If the roads are  too bad I will turn back. There is a Christmas party at the lodge for the staff tomorrow, but I have plans with friends.
Christmas 2015.....


  1. Merry Christmas, Oyome-san! Here's to a great new year!

  2. Simple and sweet. Sounds like the perfect day for her and you. Merry Christmas :D

  3. Merry Christmas abit late. Sounds like your Christmas was ok. I know my son (Kagoshima) before he got married found Christmas a le t down in Japan. They are here with me this Christmas and its been very very busy. I think I'm too old to keep up with 19month old gson!!!! Hope you made it to the ski lodge and are having a wonderful time. Please have a hot buttered rum for me!!! Or wine! Happy New Year