Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Winter weekend

Our first  winter weekend of the season together.

On Saturday I got her in - and out safely - of the bath. This time I walked right into the washing area and chatted to her about the water temperature - so that both of us get comfortable with me being there.
We've asked the Day Care people for information about making the bath safer. It is a long, deep tub and kind of swallows up little OKaasan.

Then gave her lunch, while I cleared snow and went to the gym.

Mid afternoon I took her downtown in the car. I had to walk around and locate a Christmas party venue for a class. Pre-Christmas madness was filling all the parking spaces, but eventually I found one a little far from Okaasan's favorite coffee shop.
But it made a good, underground walk for her - I installed her at a table in the coffee shop with a coffee, her favorite cake and a magazine I rushed out to buy. Left her there happily for 45 mins.
When I came back she was perfectly happy. I sat down. Drank a bit of water. Then brightly suggested we moved on "because those people are waiting for a seat!" - and she came willingly.
Walked her back to the car and home.
She followed me quite happily, didn't seem to want to go any further than I suggested. All the dashing Christmas shoppers made the experience quite a challenge I think. Probably enough.
While I went out to a party I left her with one of her favorite sushi box sets.

Sunday served her lunch, left her for the afternoon and then ate dinner with her.

All successful.

I used to stress a lot about spending time alone with Okaasan. Worried about my Japanese ability and how to entertain her. Now, more relaxed. Comments about the weather, rich Chinese tourists, snow, cats....it all drifts around.

Tomorrow she will get her first Day Service visit for this winter.
A student described to me how her mother goes five days a week to day service: lots of singing and handicrafts and laughter.
Makes me sad still that Okaasan doesn't get any of that. But her and her son's choice. If she were mother I would be hunting for a day service place that she liked and making sure she went along. But DS doesn't push and Okaasan firmly refused to go to the center she was attending 2 years ago (after a staff member brought her baby into the kitchen)...so that option - for now- is off the table.

Talking of table....in Japan a kotatsu is a heated, low table with a blanket hanging down on four sides. Okaasan lives under one.

Last year we gave her a new kotatsu, because her old one seemed to have irregular heat. She was complaining of being cold.
But I kept the table equipment in the garden shed.

I've just brought it out and set it up. For the cats.

Chichi is in catty heaven!

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