Wednesday, 27 February 2019


Sunday afternoon we are at the care home.
In the big room used for karaoke and social things. Us and lots of other middle aged people. The Families. 
Big meeting with the management and staff.

We discover that the recently announced Change of Building Ownership - actually happened...last October. And we just hear about it now! New owner is a real estate company...obviously just an asset sale. Big block of land in central Sapporo, with this care home and hospital on it.

The Families are not happy.....lots of grumblings about how late this news was passed on.

Short coffee break.

Then 10th and 11th Floor Families have another meeting - and hear that in April...just over 4 weeks away - the company that provides the care for our dearly beloved - THAT will change too. And the staff may change....

The grumblings grew louder.
Japanese people are slow to complain, but when they after another they took the microphone and got and more direct with the management about how badly this had all been handled.
Why weren't we told earlier?
What kind of service change?

Was there actually any choice in this...because they want us to sign new contracts by March 8th.
It all seemed a bit like British politics to me - Prime Minister May's "My Deal or No Deal" for Brexit.

Of course, nobody knows if they new care company will be worse or better. We are happy with the staff now, and of course hope they continue - but if salaries and work conditions offered by the new company are not good - who can blame them for jumping ship?

So.....we'll just sign the documents and hope for the best.

Care homes in Japan. Big booming business now. Understaffed - really REALLY need more staff for all these care companies.
We are just the customers...hoping for the best.

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