Monday, 29 April 2019

The good son

People can surprise you. Even after years of knowing them.

Dear Son - the noisy, beer-drinking guy guy....who tells awful jokes, makes slightly embarrassing comments to people he's just met etc etc...really. he IS a good person.

Well, of course - I met and fell in love with the guy and share his life. So he must be good. But, seeing him with his mother really brings it home to me.

Last week on our visit to the Place Where Two Day Care Company's Operate 5 Meters Away From Eachother.

Okaasan was in bed again. Constipation problems. Feeling tired.
We got her up and in the chair, walking with the stroller.
Major toilet reactions, of course. So the three of us spent a lot of time in the toilet together. 
Dear Son was jokey and kind and surprisingly sensitive with his mother and her most personal of needs. It was wonderful to see him in action with toilet paper and under clothes. What a star ;-)

By the end Okaasan was fine, she enjoyed our visit and we left her by the big TV at the end. Her conversation is very patchy now. A lot of times she just "zones out" and closes her eyes...

Good weather and cherry blossoms are here now and today we are going to take her out in the park.

After our visit last week we spent two hours trawling thru local department stores trying to buy a dark red, wool cardigan for Okaasan. NOT man made fibers. Pretty hard in April because everything was spring clothing. 
Oh. I hate shopping. Give me toilet activities and walks up and down the care home corridor, any day - shopping for Okaasan is hell for me. Such stress. At least now we can go do the shopping without her, so I guess that is one rank down of stress :-)

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