Thursday, 10 October 2019

A mentor's news...

Long-time readers of this blog (who are obviously reading not much at all now...) may remember the Japanese documentary "Everyday is Alzheimer's/Mainichi ga Alzheimer's", and its director Yuka Sekiguichi and her mum Hiroko.

I learned a lot about this disease and how to care and stay positive from Yuka. Even organised a Sapporo screening of the first two films and she came to do a Q and A. All a few years back. She was definitely one of my mentors in this new route of life.

Sad to report that Hiroko, the lady who "starred" in these documentaries has died, just a few days after her 89th birthday. She celebrated her birth at home with family and cake...and then a few days later became weaker, needed breathing support and finally slipped away.
In the documentaries she was a feisty, funny and strong lady - and thru allowing her film maker daughter to film their family life helped many, many people face up to the realities of living with memory loss and emotional confusion. I always felt their message was: get on with family life and let yourself laugh at it all. Accept that there will be hard days and move on, with lots of love.

So. Thank you to Hiroko and Yuka, and their family, friends, helpers, doctors and film making team for sharing their story.

Our family?
Yes, we are still pottering along. Go to see Okaasan every week at the care home. She says less and less now. Smiles and noises more. Walks a little with the walking frame. Trips out in the wheelchair. Eating a lot. Onwards, onwards...


  1. What can I say? This blog means more to me than you will ever know. Press on, dear, press on.

    Love to you and your family.


  2. I had started following Yuka on Facebook after seeing her documentary on local tv. I was touched by that documentary...She handled her mums passing with so much grace, I shed a tear for them all. I was so glad that her mum got to live out her days with her family by her side.

    I'm so glad to see your blog is still going, must admit I haven't checked it for many months! Hope you, hubby, okaasan and the cats are doing well xx

  3. so sorry for their loss. please do press on...this blog is one of the last remaining.