Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Hello stranger!

Here she is! Okaasan is BACK, in person, in the blog named after her :-)

First meeting with loving family after 4 months of care home lock down...got the lock down hair syndrome, and a bit uncertain about all this social excitement...

But back.

She was happy to see us, knew who we were and said a few words...laughed. Looked from him to me, smiling. Wasn't so communicative, but not bad. Pulled some funny faces for us and WAVED us "Goodbye!" right until she lost sight of us near the elevator doors.

A good visit.

The care home had it all set up:
Temperature checks
Spray down with some kind of sanitizer
Health questions about our recent condition.
Rules: no presents, no visit to private room, 30 mins only.

Slightly surprisingly, we were allowed to wear out outside shoes into the care home. 

It was strange to be back. Take the elevator upstairs to the lounge area and there was Okaasan, in her wheelchair at a table. We sat and prattled on about a world-wide pandemic, and masks, and summer and flowers, and hair and stuff...

I think she found the mask communication hard - she couldn't see our mouths moving to KNOW we were talking...and obviously it was a bit muffled. So her focus slipped off to the TV. But when the staff came over to chat, she looked from person to person.
They said she is fine...but recently isn't good at feeding herself. They feed her, and still there are lots of food drops and slips. They asked us to get a plastic bib apron for her. Walking also...not so good now.

But we MET her and could see her!
This summer she will be 90 years old....hopefully we can take her OUT of the building by then...out to enjoy fresh air and some kind of birthday celebration.

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  1. Happy you had a lovely visit. Here in Kentucky most assisted living and nursing homes haven't opened to visitors yet. They do arrange phone calls or make calls themselves to families. Again, glad you finally got to visit!