Wednesday, 15 June 2022

A visit! A visit!!

 A visit is in our sights!

Letter from the care home to announce they are lifting some of then COVID protection rules and will resume online visits - once a month for 10 mins/by reservation etc.

The letter also revealed that April to June the care home had nearly 100 infections - residents and staff. Hence the closing down of all non-necessary activity.

So, we've booked in for an afternoon at the end of the month - 10 mins of loud, cheerful chat and waving at the computer screen.

It's a start. A small start. Let's hope it progresses to face to face meetings, hand holding and even wheelchair pushing allowed beyond the care home doors?

Hokkaido summer is SO short, the chance of good enough weather to take an old lady out in her wheelchair is very small - this is the third summer Okaasan hasn't been outside for anything more than building/ambulance transfers. We hope...

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  1. So happy for you! Even video visit is better than nothing. Hope MIL enjoys.