Friday, 23 January 2009

To do...or not to do...that is the question.

We are still debating about the house.
It's more expensive than we were looking for. If I moved my English School there it would be fine, but as a home only - it's a little more than we planned.
Today I went and looked again, afternoon and evening. I walked the area, testing whether it really was 5 minutes to the subway station and supermarket etc. All seemed well. But it's a quiet residential area and I can't imagine moving my English school there...other people might come there for English lessons - because people always find a foreigner/teacher in a Japanese neighborhood...but it's not good as my main business place.
Meanwhile at home he's been looking at other places on the Internet and printing out info about them. We may go and see some more places tomorrow.

The weather was awful here today. Okaasan stayed home not surprisingly. She sewed the elastic bands into the waist of her Hula dance skirt and watched TV. These Hokkaido days when the weather is bad and she can't go out are hard for her.
The news from my family in England is so-so. They are getting a home help to come in and see if she can help. Dad doesn't sound keen because he wants to do it all himself, and if someone else is there helping his wife he has to recognise that she maybe isn't so well. But I am sure SHE will enjoy having someone to help her with bath/toilet/dressing etc.

And so we head into another weekend. I feel a little sad, because I think the chance of that house is slipping away...Yujiro is losing the enthusiasm he had when we were there on Wednesday.

Maybe I have to accept that something else, equally good or better will come along soon...because this is the season for moving home and new properties are coming on the estate agent books every day.

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