Sunday, 31 January 2010

24 hours away from cat meeting?

Count-down to a cat? Maybe!
Tomorrow afternoon I'll go along to a Seicomart convenience store in the suburbs of Sapporo and meet a woman called Satomi and hope she introduces me to the next BIG Feline Love of My Life.

I'm feeling excited...tomorrow can't come quick enough...although I won't come home with a cat tomorrow because Tuesday is a busy day for me and I have to get that out of the way before a quieter Wednesday when I can be home almost all day with CAT!

But cat may be kitten in we have made some kitten-proofing plans: take the spider plants out of the living room and Yujiro made a great hanging screen for the top of the stairs so we can try and keep Cat and Okaasan apart....he really is a pretty good handy-man and now we have the screen up to try and disguise the tempting top of the wall.

We hope the kitten won't think about climbing up onto the wall - and then
fall into the stairwell. But kittens....they can get anywhere they have a mind to really....I haven't had a kitten for years - had a series of older cats - so I think a steep learning curve is around the  corner as it climbs and chews its way into our lives...

It was a good weekend. We went skiing with a friend today - well, they skied and I hung out in the ski center with a book.
Then home to cook dinner - tacos for us and a good box of sushi for Okaasan. She always says she ate tacos in Mexico years ago...but equally she says she doesn't like mince we thought it was a good idea to give her sushi.

The bowl of damp laundry got smaller over the weekend without me having to intervene, and  tonight as I was making dinner I managed to remind her to get a fresh lot of half-done laundry out of the sink, then into the washing machine, then out of the washing machine and onto the hangers by the fire.

Okaasan seems ok at the moment. But...maybe this is just my imagination - I feel she isn't so friendly to me in the past few days. She is civil enough, but somehow her speaking to me seems a bit automatic and without any real feeling and I don't feel any friendliness in her eyes. Maybe it's just me...but I hope this doesn't show some building bad feeling towards me.
I thought about asking her to give up some of her old newspapers for the reccyling box. But I think I'll leave it. I don't want to provoke a Flare Up.

One good thing in her life - she's discovered a soba noodle shop near the subway station that she likes. She asked Yujiro to stop the lunchbox delivery because she wants to go there for lunch every day. It would be better - give her a chance to talk to the restaurant staff etc. Give her an out-routine.

And finally? LOOK what we discovered in a supermarket this afternoon in Sapporo! One of the famous local chocolate companies is now selling Chocolat Beer. It has a strong whiff of chocolate as you open the can...and the blackish beer...very nice....gulp.

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