Monday, 11 January 2010

Back from SNOWY England - welcome 2010!

Happy New Year all blog readers far and wide (and at this time of year I am guessing many of us are "wide" for sure, I certainly am).

Got back from the UK last night after almost 24 hours of to Heathrow, airport waiting, flight to Narita, waiting, flight to Chitose, bus, taxi......

Step-mum Jane is very good. She is eating normally and walking with a frame around the house and very carefully from the car to the supermarket or bank. Living with a great live-in Carer (Lola is from Nigeria, so snowed-in was a new experience for her) who helps with washing, toilet, housework...which will probably continue for another month...and then maybe be downgraded to a Carer coming in once or twice a day.

Jane's walking is okay.....ish....not great...and in fact she fell in the living room while I was there - because she looked slightly back at me while she was talking...and toppled slowly backwards to the carpet. Not hurt this time - but I'm sure it will happen again...and again.

And England!!!! Hit by freak weather from Russia - the coldest for 30 years! Minus temperatures every day - just above freezing at lunchtime.....and 6-8 cm of snow in the Cotswolds...more in the north and east. Chaos all round with schools, trains, planes and roads...but also very beautiful around the house in the countryside.

Luckily we went out for lunch on the Sunday, I saw friends in Bristol on Monday - and after that I couldn't get the hirecar out of the 1 km track between the public road and the house! Neighbors with 4 wheel-drives had to come and take me to see the solicitor and accountant for Dad's will and taxes.

But. It was so great to see Jane back in the house and doing normal things like eating and watching TV. I realize now I never thought she would get back to the house.

When I locked up the house in September...I imagined that might be it until Jane's sister and I came one day with a removal company to start packing up all the furniture for distribution round the family and selling.

So. Normal for now. After all of the 2009 events that is wonderful.
I feel sure something is going to happen again with Jane - soon I expect - because her walking isn't steady and she gets infections easily. But for now all is great and I can come back to MY life and start 2010.

All well with Okaasan and Yujiro. He has got a lot of ski work and computer/tax work for Sapporo city starting later this month, and Okaasan seems well. While I was away he used a lunch delivery service for her and she is getting out to hula dancing and the shops.

Work starts tomorrow. Diet ought to start tomorrow too.....and...Search for a Cat (or two!).

Here are some pretty UK snowy pictures. None of Jane because she shied away from the camera.

Fox visitor seen from the living room window...and then on the garden wall!


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