Monday, 25 January 2010

Fallen in love....

No....I didn't! Not yet anyway....
But last night reading The Japan Times, while waiting for the finale of So You Think You Can Dance? to start....I found these two kittens in a looking-for-adoption advert by Tokyo ARK, a Toyko-based animal charity.
Ooooowwww! Look at them! They are Jack and Kaede who were rescued by ARK from the streets.....and they have befriended eachother.
Sapporo is a long way from Tokyo - it would actually be pretty ridiculous to spend all the money to bring 2 cats up here when there are of course cats in Sapporo needing homes.
But. I just sent an email to ARK.
Last week too I went back to our old vets and told the girls on the reception desk to let me know if anyone has kittens or an older cat looking for rehoming. They often have posters on the reception wall. At the moment only floppy eared rabbits, which while undoubtedly cute - are not cats.
Just being back at the vets made me a bit emotional. I came away and had a little cry in the car.
Jack and Kaede...would you like to sit in a garden in Sapporo and sniff the breeze?


  1. It seems like it's meant to be. I hope you get the kitties!

  2. I wonder...i've just seen an advert in a convenience store for a kitten near Shin-Sapporo...and I popped into another local vets tonight....suddenly I'll have multiple cat choices!

  3. I have a friend here who is like a shelter for abandoned animals. They have three dogs and three cats - one of the dogs they picked up almost dead after it had been run-over. It can't move it's back legs. Very sad, but a very nice natured dog.

    I hope you get a cat - and not suddenly four at once!! I can't wait till the kids are a bit older and I can give a pet the attention it deserves. No can do at the moment though.