Thursday, 21 January 2010

Life as we know it.

Haven't blogged.
Life just going from day to day.
Which after recent stuff is a wonderful thing.

Okaasan is behaving herself. Sitting quietly watching hours and hours of TV, venturing out for shopping trips (MORE underwear!!!!). Coming home on time. Being chatty at meal times. It's all we want of her. The lunch boxes are getting delivered and eaten. She managed to heat up and eat some curry - only burned the pan a little.

Yujiro starts work today for the city council, helping people file their tax returns on computer. Off he went this morning in a suit....WHAOOOOORRRRR.....

I've been getting into the work groove. And diet  success. Step-mum ok. I enjoyed a woodchip bath thingy. And a haircut. And hosting a Canadian couple as Couch Surfers....and thinking about how to find a cat....

Life as We Know It.
Thankgoodness for boring normality.

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