Monday, 29 March 2010

4th night - dinner a deux.

HOW many girlfriend points do I get for this?
Did a slog of a day, classes, no car...bus and student-pick-ups between classes, there and back by subway, a bag of books to carry...
The little "sorry, got work tomorrow" e mail came in about 6.30 pm. I didn't bother answering it. I'd only show in my voice how cheesed off I am. And that is probably some negativity that won't help airing.
I think if he was doing some boring desk job I wouldn't mind so much - but skiing is fun. Up there in the sunshine today, with the snow and the laughs in the ski school. Then back to eat cup noodles and drink beer in the ski lodge. Hmm...very hard life.

Meanwhile here in Sapporo. I came home and washed up Okaasan's lunch stuff. Then cooked her dinner. Then sat and listened to the wonders of some Japanese miracle doctor who gave Okaasan her guiding medical advice (don't imbibe anything but water till 11 am and if you are sick stop eating for a while etc).
Listened to THAT story...oh least 10 times. Really. I think it probably was more.

Kittens and America Idol on TV revived my sanity.

I wonder if Okaasan KNOWS she hasn't seen her son since Friday? I guess not. I told her white lies twice, that he was "coming home later" and "left early this morning"....she seems ok with that.
Wish I could forget so easily.

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