Saturday, 27 March 2010

Any ideas?

Pea cooking ideas PLEASE!!!!!!

Okaasan came home with a big box of these last week and now - on 3 days of Okaasan-duty because Yujiro's gone skiing - I am trying to think how to use them.
Anyone out there got a good idea how these are cooked/served in Japan???
They are pretty big as you can see. Actually I've eaten a few of them raw and they are ok.

I gave them to Okaasan last night and asked HER how to cook them.
She turned them over in her hand like a plant specialist looking at a new species for the first time and made some vague statements about steaming them or quick boiling them...and then ended with the cop-out "I forget"...which of course she has, but it doesn't help the gaijin Oyomesan!

Last night I steamed them. Not sure how long to do it because I know Japanese people don't like their veggies anywhere near steamed them for about 5 minutes. Then sprinkled them with salt and put the soysauce bottle near Okaasan on the table.
She said I'd over-cooked them and should have removed the stringy parts.

Fair enough.
But...anyone got any ideas?

I thought tonight I might try them destringed, dropped in boiling water for 2-3 minutes, then put in a seafood spagetti sauce.
But I'm very open to suggestions!

I did an Internet search and can only come up with Snow Peas/Mange Tout...these are bigger.

There is such a gap for Okaasan between her obvious interest in cooking and food -and then reality of doing something with it. Her table is covered with cooking magazines and leaflets f rom supermarkets, she loves cooking shows on TV and buys stuff - but then....hmmm...."I forget"....


*  P.S.  I bought new buttons, thread AND special button sewing needles yesterday. "Buttons/The Sequel" is about to go into production.


  1. I made the same mistake as you, I boiled them and didn't remove the strings because we don't here, but Yasu wasn't happy because wouldn't eat it and I had to destring them all before he would.
    I have seen them in various -dons before and also in stirfry's.

  2. Hi Kelly!

    Since I blogged I found pictures on the Internet of Sugar Snap peas and ideas about cooking them quickly in the microwave...then tossing them quickly in seasame oil....
    I can only think of seeing them as kind of decorations in -dons...but I still have about 20 left, so I have to use them for more than decorations...
    Thnks for your input!

  3. You're welcome :) I will keep my eye out. :)