Sunday, 28 March 2010

Buttons Success! (and oh bugger...)

Buttons: Mission Accomplished.

I gave Okaasan the thread, the needles, the new buttons and the coat. Prepped her midday meal on the kitchen table etc and left her to it while I went downtown for a movie and lunch with an old student.

Came home at 4 pm and she'd done it. Beautifully of course. Expertly sewn buttons.
And she was so perky about it all. We really should give her more sewing to do.
Just good timing too because we had a sudden dump of snow again, so she hadn't been out all day.
Sewing by the TV and under the kotatsu was great for her.

And me?
I am SUCH a good Oyomesan I even bought a strawberry rice cake thingy and brought it home as a "Thankyou". She made green tea and we sat companionably at the kitchen table and drank tea and ate rice cake.

All seemed well.
Dinner is already planned. Easy pasta tonight. Yujiro due home around 6.30 or 7 pm. A successful 3 days of Being Oyomesan.

And then he phoned.
Snow caused bad accident on the road down from Kiroro ski area. He and the other instructors were still up there waiting for the road to ANOTHER booking for classes tomorrow at well, lots of snow on the road...maybe I should stay at the ski school lodge again tonight.


NOT a happy woman here. Yes I can do dinner and sit with his mother again. Maybe we can do the "I went to Africa" stories again.....and then tomorrow I'll set out a simple lunch for her and prime her for hula dance class etc
And tomorrow I can get my private students to pick me up and deliver me between classes in their cars...but....BUGGER.

The guy has work. It's good. He needs the money. Of course I support that.

Thankgoodness a friend in the UK has sent me an Easter care parcel: I think there are still some fondant-filled bunnies.
Three nights with Okaasan I need bunnies for sure.

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